Autism Registry

In 2013 Niagara Regional Police launched a "Registry for people with Autism" in partnership with the Niagara Chapter of Autism Ontario. Today, Niagara Regional Police is joining with MedicAlert Foundation Canada to better manage the Registry. MedicAlert Connect Protect gives police officers 24 hour access to a MedicAlert registered subscriber's photo, identity, past wandering history, and other vital emergency information through their MedicAlert ID. It was our intent to expand to a vulnerable person registry however our research has shown MedicAlert already has a solid foundation to manage this. As a current Autism registrant if you choose not to become involved with MedicAlert you will be kept on the Niagara Regional Police Autism registry for one year from the date of renewal.

At this time we will NOT be accepting any NEW registrations to our Autism registry as we are transitioning over to the MedicAlert Connect Protect registry. If you are interested in moving your registration to MedicAlert Connect Protect please select the Withdraw option, complete the form and register through the MedicAlert website.